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Murrays Pomes

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courtenay – princeton

tuesday, may 20




four twenty am rise

gives ferry rush

that says goodbye

with tensions of what will come


mixing plans of constant change

with waiting to start

and horrors of yesterday

with joys of tomorrow

and lemon merange moments today


to arrive at starting point

gives time for sorting out

before it all begins

with reversed plans

packed as tight as can be

found before crossing paths

with real peddler

from world away

just starting out

as well



princeton – rock creek - rhone

wednesday, may 21


old and blind


not to be away

without toilet paper

is to be loaded in eleven passenger historic allison van

with eight bikes following before two  hundred clicks away

starting point

at rock creek gold pan café

gives ready and willing beginning

with more available merange

and real portions once again


to be in three separate groups

going four different directions

is scrambled way to start

before kettle caboose rest stop

makes all settle

into peddled rhythms

at little dipper hummingbird haven final stop

where skies open

and refuge is taken

with gourmet vegetable melange

sore crotches

and satisfied beginning



 rhone – wilkinson creek

thursday, may 22




lost wallet delivery

allows on time departure

and sets th tone

by g.l.o.r.i.a.


holding th gate open

gives time and space

for muse to visit

while others crash

before lunch time

round two pannier loss recognition

in downtown beaverdale

where two page harley foldout waiter

gives nine klick hypothetical shortcut

before retreat retrace by two

and late afternoon snooze th rest

allowing second ecstacy to appear

and pushes on

in hopes of finding perfect campsite

before sore crotch mutiny

almost occurs

and mythical log cabin fantasies

are abandoned

in favour of early to bed

minimal meal

after scouts return

just in time



wilkinson creek – hydraulic lake

friday, may 23


dropping off


sick man down

beyond th state of reason

makes change of default settings

and roadside wait

for mythical return

of rescue backwoods hillbilly truck


stopped and waiting

for pairing up

happens after solo sighting

of two young brown bears

is done by one

before cougar crossing for others

lets reason prevail


arriving with communication breakdown

after summit passing

to hydraulic campsite

where peace returns

with more gourmet vegy stew

leaving little more than waiting

for canyon to come



hydraulic lake – myra station

saturday, may 24




large puddle plunge

wets clean laundry

before lost pedal

slows to curse

of minimal tool supply

leading to improvised correction

and pushing off again

before second loss

in monster mud puddle

changes all to bike store

delivery rescue

and afternoon

cross road canyon rest reprise


before beer rescue

and bike repairs

no questions asked


lounging above lights below

lets muscles restore

and anticipation grow

for feats and pleasures

to  come



myra station – chute lake

sunday, may 25


myra canyon


arrival into burnt canyon

where structural scarred forest renewal

competes with feats of man

as tiny flirting fleeting

white breasted cliff swallows

darting distant

and blend tunnelled wind falling river

as rising heat of late spring

desert morn

wends slowly through it all


arrive at chute lake station

last century museum

and eat last five pieces

of rhubarb apple pie

before dinner

and shower laundry

shows bushed behaviour

often seem in species

of limited capacity



chute lake

monday, may 26


rained out


waiting out rainstorm

and left

by one with more power than realized

creates anger in some

control in others


leaving broken soaken campsite

to rustic cabin refuge

creates control over pool table

‘til return of lost compatriots

and arrival of others

changes focus of attention

from learner who keeps winning

to silent  listening

waiting for opportunity

to enter conversation

and hopes to come

that leads finally

to refuge

with familiar playing cards

where little satisfaction

is gained



chute lake - penticton

tuesday, may 27




going uphill

after switchback turn

demonstrates little to some

and forces falling behind


causing tortoise and hare to be played

at rising rock ovens

and beyond

before missed red barrel lunch stop date

lets more stunning views


loosing touch

never to see again


stepping into city life

as close to what is found

at beach side lake lunch

before strip city resort

where reservations are needed

to prevent cross city walk

to closing steak house




penticton – princeton – vancouver - courtenay

wednesday, may 28





to where it started

after final city bike spin

ties up all loose bits

and leads to fast conclusion

with raging rapids rest stop

before return

and spill back into

fast lane

where making th ferry

with time to spare

is fitting way

to end


haiku to end


return to loved ones

bike trip memories intact

waiting for next year




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